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06/26/09 Hi Everyone....Just wanted to let you know that 100's of more testimonials have come in but I have not had the time to update this section. If you want to read more...what others say about us on AllExperts, where we have been helping people for many years. Scroll down to the bottom and there are over 500 more..... Thank All of you for helping to make us such a great success....Eric & Ann Campion

Hi Ann, Thanks so much. I want to have you send the part. I'll give you a call tomorrow from work to give you my debit card info or however I need to pay you. Again, I'm amazed that service like that which you are providing me continues to exist, and I appreciate it greatly. James B.

Eric & Ann, Thanks - got the part, got it in and it solved the issue. My Wife is very pleased (obviously). I will recommend you to others as questions arise. Bruce M.

To Eric and Ann Campion: After taking apart my wife's Whirlpool 9200 Duet Dryer and checking for possible damage like disconnected wires, I was at a total loss about why the dryer would light up but would not start.. It was only 2 days after I wrote to Eric about the problem that I received an e-mail showing me the diagram and what parts to check. In just less than 5mins.the first test I found the culprit. a thermal fuse was bad. What I thought was going to cost app. $275.00 or more came to a mere $15.00 item that was shipped the same day I was able to do this job WITHOUT using a costly repairman because of this great site. I now have this site added to my favorites, and sent it to app. 50 contact friends in my e-mail folder. Again i can't thank you more than enough for your site and your quick response, courteous service, expert advise, and discount parts and same day shipping. JUST UNBELIEVABLE ! Again, thanks and best regards: Greg & Carol O. Ellicott City,Md.

Eric & Ann, Problem has been fixed with our order! Many thanks for helping us troubleshoot our refrigerator! Smiles...Kathy R.

Hello, I just ordered from your website. Super service & communication from your company! Thank You! Joanne P.

Eric and Ann, Thank you so much!! We have replaced the part and the washer is working just fine. We're so proud. My mom just got a new washer and offered us her old one (which is newer than ours), but after the other things you've helped us fix, my husband said he rather fix ours himself. You have life-long customers in us, and we recommend you to anyone who asks. Thanks again, Shirley and Jeff A.

Thank you for all your courteous help. If needed we will use you again. Have a great summer. Scott W.

Your very courteous and just all-around AWESOME Anne quoted this for me. She's the greatest customer salesperson on the whole NET! Believe me, I've been searching for hours for this part @ an affordable price... and YOU ARE IT!! Kudos!
Christopher C.

Eric: YOU and Ann have been great. Thanks again for all your help I'll pass the word on about your helpline and your willingness to help. THANKS, Kevin

Eric, YOU DA MAN! The "hot wire in the hole" trick is working great, 2 weeks later. No frost or ice, and there is water down in the catch pan underneath. Thanks again for your help with this, your website is at the top of my 'Favorites' list. Thanks again, Mark

I'm so glad you replied. I didn't want to spend $50 for new bin shelves!! Too much. But the $25 used price is great (it will match my used refrigerator!!). I'm glad I thought to Google used appliance parts instead of just appliance parts. Thanks much. I'll go to your website and place an order now. Katy L.

Thank you very, very much, Eric, for your great amount of time and generous, expert assistance. Enjoy your weekend. I will do a good reading and learning, and do whatever tests the manual recommends before I send more questions to you. Thanks,
Jimmy Wu

Thanks for your quick response i was afraid that you would answer that way. You have cleared up the issue nicely. Thanks again. Steve S.

Right again, not as I suspected. Moving the unit to my house and running it through several cycles found not problem. We eventually found that the wire connection to the circuit breaker in her home was not secure resulting in increase resistance and the eventual tripping of the breaker. Thanks again for your excellent help. Emmett D.

Wow!! Thanks for your prompt service. Judy W.

Thank you very much for your time and effort ... I truly appreciate it !! Susan S. Thanks again for your help for everything; troubleshooting, parts, and installation. It was all MUCH appreciated. Scott Z.

Thanks Eric. I will call you first the next time I have a problem with an appliance!!! Marc W.

Hi Eric. Just wanted to let you know that I tried your advice on how to fix my light bulb that won't go on and it worked!!! Thanks again for all your help. It's nice to know that there are still businesses out there that offer true customer service!!!!!! Your student, Marc Wooldridge

Hi Eric, Thank you very much for your assessment. A short in the wiring makes sense to me. The new, funny sound that the magnetron makes indicates that just maybe there might be a second problem too. Amy B.

I really appreciate your fast response. I just placed the order. Tabitha (for Bernice H.)

Good morning, I rec'd the baffles yesterday, installed them in about 10-15 minutes! Thank you for your help! Brgrds, Christy P.

Eric, Ann, you are wonderful! Not only did your suggestion fix my water problem for now, it seemed to fix my rinsing issue and wash cycles going on as well! I followed your tip on cleaning out the box, but unfortunately I couldn't get to it, once I removed the tube, the opening to the box was so small that I was only able to fit in a (craft) wire I had that was small enough to fit in. So I decided to clean the tubing - not knowing how plugged it was- I put in a straw cleaning brush (I know it's weird, who has a straw cleaning brush?) I had from some cup that came with it, but anyways I ended up pushing stuff further in, I thought the tube was only discolored, not plugged. Next I took a craft wire I had and loosed all the stuff up (it was black and greasy, sluggy) and than made a loop at the end and got most of the stuff out! I ran on delicate cycle and it went all the way though w/o any issues, it washed & rinsed! so I tried the cotton cycle the one that previously wouldn't work, it worked!!! It rinsed the clothes at the end!!! I know you mentioned that my timer could be bad, but all the cycles are working! I still would like to clean out that little box on the side but I don't think it comes off, does it? I really would like to thank you, w/o you I would not clean out that tube, I just cannot believe that this was somehow responsible for all my issues! I'll definitely order any parts in the future from you! Thanks for a very helpful advice. If you have any suggestions on how to clean out that box let me know. Eva W.

Thanks so much! Even the Sears appliance people couldn't help us! Heather K.

Eric, you are the best ! The refrigerator never worked better and it is now silent, rather than the squeaky noise. We have a full tray of ice Note, not even Kitchen Aid had a solution ! Awesome, Nick P.

Hi there, Last summer, I contacted you about an oven thermostat for a very old GE electric range that was part of an all-in-one kitchen centre unit that I was restoring. You were able to find an original replacement part for me and I was able to get the range functioning again. I have recently completed the full restoration of the kitchen centre and it is now installed in my home. The range is working wonderfully and the oven bakes to perfection. Thank you very very much for all your help finding this obsolete part! I was communicating with Eric Campion and it was truly a pleasure to deal with him. All the best, Paul C.

Hi Eric, I finally got the mounting plate drilled and installed the auger motor today. Everything works well. Thanks, Gene

KUDO"S go to you two for you fast shipment of a hard to find part. I'm very pleased with our transaction. Now I'm back in business! Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dalton S

Just wanted to send a little note to tell you how much I appreciated your help. My oven glass was here in just a few days in perfect condition. It was exactly the part I needed at a third of the price as new. Thank you so much. Tonia C.

Hi: Thanks for the rack -- looks like it will work. By the way I sent the email below to a journalist who is looking for article information on how to extend the life of appliances. She may give you a call. Dick P.

Mr. Campion..................... I DID IT, I DID IT, I DID IT !!!!! Got home from work at 6:50pm, my part came today and I immediately pulled the fridge out and started. Thankfully the valve came with instructions, but I found the installation to be very obvious, and in your allotted time frame of "5-10 minutes", I was done. Then I spent the next 45 minutes trying to remove the little broken clip from the ice guide still stuck in the tray. Eventually, I won that battle, too, and I snapped in your new guide (many thanks for that!) and flipped the switch to 'on'. It cycled almost immediately and it just now dumped my first harvest and replayed the process perfectly! I am so excited to have my icemaker repaired, and to have had such a good experience with you on the other end, makes it feel like even more of an accomplishment. It has been such a pleasure to deal with someone that is competent, honest, and dependable, that it somewhat restores my faith in society (since those traits are almost a rarity anymore). So please continue your good work, as frustrating and unrewarding as it may be at times, and know that you have truly had a positive impact in my life out here in the world. I have already told my neighbor about you (after he asked me, "what in the world are you fixing in the freezer?!" ha ha) and I swear to preach it from the rooftop. Thank you again, Mr. Campion (and the Mrs.) , I am certain I will be a repeat customer when need arises ( I hope I didn't just jinx myself :) Have a Good Life , and may God Bless You, Elizabeth C.


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