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Burnt Resistor Chart

The circuitry of the machine control boards in the Neptune Washers are protected by a component called triacs. However, if the duration or impact of high current is excessive, this component will fail and be unable to protect the internal resistors in the circuit. The following resistors have been identified to specific components, which may pull high enough current to cause the triacs to fail. Although the current is not very high, the resistor in the circuit can and does fail.

Model Numbers involved: MAH4000 - MLE/MLG2000

Resistor Involved

Circuit Involved

Remedy or Replace Component


Pressure Switch

Check for loose wire connections or high resistance on switch contacts. Change pressure switch if necessary.


Door Lock Wax Motor

Door Lock Mechanism & Machine Control Board.


Hot Water Valve Solenoid

Water Valve & Machine Control Board


Timer Motor

Machine Control Board or check for loose connections at the relay terminals.


(-) 24 VDC

A contact was made between Neutral and the 24 volts DC


Overall Electrical Buffer. Circuit for Board

Wire harness and Machine Control Board



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